I am a traveler...

I am an educator. I am an entrepreneur. I am a writer. I am an explorer. Born to a Lebanese father from Beirut and a Syrian mother from Argentina, I can't remember a time when I wasn't hungry for discovery. From my first trip overseas at 16 years old to visit my family in Argentina, I felt fully alive when I stepped foot on foreign soil. I uncovered my passion. I found my life's heart beat. Since then I've traveled near and far - from Africa to China, Seattle to DC, Hong Kong to Bali, Chicago to Oregon, Italy to Australia, Los Angeles to Cleveland, Fiji to New Zealand, New York to Eugene, Syria to Istanbul. I've experienced people, places, culture, customs, art, fashion, design, architecture, food, lodging, leisure. You name it. I've either traveled there or am in the midst of obsessively planning my next adventure. 

I graduated from the University of Oregon with a  B.A. in International Relations and an M.A. in Public Affairs, which led me to the White House working as a Public Relations Associate developing race relation initiatives for President Bill Clinton. I quickly realized politics was not my thing and took a year off to travel and live aboard. I craved creativity, design and a connection to my surroundings.

Inspired by my travels, I founded a company developing games that made learning about the world fun! My flagship board game, Around the World, won an award and soon enough I was calling Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Boeing, Royal Carribean and the US Military my customers. My products became a marketing tool for bigger corporations to connect with their diverse, more global customer.

Over the years of traveling internationally, I always found myself in the marketplaces - the pulse of any community. In honor of living a passionate, inspired life, I've recently launched a labour of love called The Hunted. Dedicated to combining passion for travel and design, my plan is to shop the world’s markets curating collections of jewelry, textiles, accessories and lifestyle objects designed and hand crafted by artisans from around the world. Less than a year old, collections from Istanbul, Brazil and Morocco have been exhibited via private and public trunk shows. 

My next steps are to continue creating authentic connections with people from around the world. I want to continue sharing my knowledge of the world with the world, documenting all of the discoveries and constantly learning through the lens.