South Africa

AFRICA. What is it about Africa? 

My best friend was in the peace corps stationed in a small, rural town in South Africa. Needless to say, I was on a plane as soon as I could possibly get there. Slept in huts, rode horses on Safari, attempted speaking Zulu, watched elephants eat (all day), argued with cows, ran from ostrich, visited children living with HIV, ate enough Indian to last a lifetime.

To remain 'untouched' after visiting Africa is impossible. I am still partly there.


Istanbul: Coolest. Place. Ever. A blend of the old & new worlds at your fingertips AND it's one of the only cities in the world that sits between two continents. Culture? Check. Style? Check. Good food? Check. Markets? Check. Beach? Only the best. Check. Check.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic. This is a place where your toes get lost in the sand. Your worries evaporate into the salt air. Your bare skin welcomes the warmth of the sun. The palm trees guide you to your next destination. Probably another beach. 


The World Cup 2014. Millions of people traveling from all over the world to meet in one very chaotic, passionate country. You would think the timing would make me hesitate, but quite the opposite. I packed my bags and headed for a two week excursion to Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paolo. Brazil is interesting to say the least. I did not watch any soccer games (I know, I know), but I experienced much, much more. From luxurious hotels to dilapidated slums, vibrant beaches to lush jungle, small quaint towns to bustling big cities, you can find just about anything in Brazil. Just learn a little Portuguese before you go. Please.