VISION | The Everygirl is an inspired woman, a creative being, a courageous spirit, a person challenging herself to live a full life. This takes authenticity. I'd like to offer the Everygirl travel section an authentic perspective on travel. A personal connection to the Everygirl's travel desires, needs and experiences.  Travel is personal, emotional, fun, exhilarating and sometimes exhausting. Offering the Everygirl a personal guide of sorts to walk with them on their journey as they plot, plan and conquer their travel dreams is the ultimate gift you can give her. 

Specifically, my vision for The Everygirl's travel section is one that strikes a balance between fun, affordable domestic trips and far-flung, exotic international excursions. Domestic trips can offer an easy way to unplug and unwind - a necessity in the fast-paced world in which we live. On the other hand, international trips can provide life-altering opportunities that change us forever. Whatever the choice, travel inspires us to dream big and move outside our comfort zone. Ultimately, I'd like to create a vibe of 'traveling' alongside the reader, forging a familiar relationship and covering ground on all aspects of travel, including the fancy free and nitty gritty parts. Sharing the practical, emotional, financial and physical elements that go into experiencing the world like a traveler not a tourist.

IDEAS | Seasonal features based on a calendar of events happening around the nation/world will keep the Travel Section on point and prepare the Everygirl in time to plan for upcoming trips, i.e. Sundance Film Festival or Coachella. Monthly Column highlighting a different 'creative' professional, including fashion, textile & interior designers, photographers and stylists, etc. on where they travel to draw inspiration. Monthly Highlight on a current international/political events, i.e. holidays or cultural celebration Weekly Highlight on cities current bands/musicians are touring. Collaborators could include celebrated chefs, boutique owners, emerging personalities, style bloggers.


1. Editorial | When in Rome: 5 Tips to Experiencing the World as a Traveler not a Tourist |  Sharing ways to truly enjoy a culture and its environment like a local. 

2. Editorial | Decisions, Decisions: 5 Steps Towards Planning Your Next Big Family Excursion | How to make the right choices when picking a group vacation that will satisfy everyone. | Whether you're going with your sisters or your whole family, choosing the location is key to having a peaceful experience. 

3. Original | Opening Ceremony at the Ace Hotel NYC | A feature on the inspired and curated stock of hand-picked travel essentials from the owners, Carol and Humberto's international adventures. As well as a cool mix of men's and women's fashion, toiletries, Comme de Garcon perfumes and Haribo Candy. 

4. Original | Champagne Taste On a Beer Budget: Experiencing the Best of LA on a Tight Budget. 


1. Editorial | Welcome to the Jungle: What to Expect When Vacationing in a Developing Country. | A feature based on lessons learned when traveling to Africa and parts of South America.

2. Original | Looking for Meaning? Best Way to Travel With A Purpose | A personal look into one of MedWish International's medical mission trips to Peru. An inspirational and informational feature on connecting with non-profit organizations that take groups overseas to partake in fulfilling, life-changing activities. 

3. Editorial | Smooth Sailing: 5 Valuable Tips to Travel Well With Your Significant Other

4. Original | I Woke Up Like This: Top 10 Beauty Supplies That Keep You Looking Your Best When Traveling 


1. Original | Say Ahhhhhh: A spotlight on Bali's Blissful Kayumanis Villas 

2. Original | Cleveland's West Side Market featuring Chef Dante

3. Editorial or Original |Mooning Over Marrakesh: Finding Gold in the Markets

4. Original | ABC Kitchen: Michelin Star Chef Jean-Georges pioneers the slow food movement in NYC.

5. Editorial | Here Comes the Bride: Top 5 Places to Honeymoon

6. Editorial | Trend Alert! Boutique Hotels Are On Point: The Best Hotel Sites for Unique, Boutique Hotels